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The Christian Holiness Ministry
That God Blessed Bishop Daniel Marcel and his wife Marie Ange Marcel to start around the year 1977-1978 has been and now is a real harvest among the people in Haiti and now in the United State.
The vision of God come to Bishop Daniel Marcel, when he dreamed of God's blessing gushed before him as many waters. Bishop and wife begot three, the vision of God to bishop become a reality. many churches, schools and a orphanage has been a part of the task, with Their sons that are pastoring, and daughter that is serving, and all those in the great big family of God that are serving in the Christian Holiness Ministry and in the Good Shepherd Orphanage.
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The Good shepherd Orphanage 

The Good shepherd Orphanage is an Organization which the Bishop is the Co-founder, started around the year 1978-1979, year after Bishop started his first church. after many years, God allowed this organization to grow in expense and we have witnessed Thousands of children being successful in life growing in that orphanage, that is one of many reasons we’re able to say that this was one of the calling that God had for Bishop. one of the greatest things you can ever experience in an Orphanage, is to hear from other people how positive are testimonies of successful children about the orphanage.
From Team

​The team of this organization has never been a big fan of asking, but after such tragedy of the earthquake, situations are not like the same; we agree that we may have an exception to spare the precious lives of those wonderful children. And this is the year that we’re calling to you and to the world that change can happen. By contacting us, to pray with us, you can greatly make a difference to a good will contribution, thanks to you on behalf of our Bishop Daniel Marcel, our Pastors – P. Samuel Marcel and P. David Marcel, Christian Holiness Ministry, Good Shepherd and on behalf of the whole team. May God Bless you.